For Trevor

Tonight, I looked at you and regarded your failing body, once so strong. My heart –brittle from life’s inevitable losses, disappointments and failures – fractured into a million tiny pieces on my living room floor. Crushed into dust. I gathered these sacred remains and held them close, for they belong to you.



    1. @minor6th, thank you for your kind words. I wrote that post because I thought we were losing my boy. It was my process of preparing for the worst. Trevor is not well, but still with us. He went blind over last weekend and was showing a host of other symptoms. Went to a specialist yesterday and the news was interesting: No problem with his eyes. We now have a follow-up with Internal Medicine and Neurology. One worry resolved and another beginning.

      Thanks again.

      PS: Are you in the U.K.? I have family there.


  1. @valdare1, I understand your need to prepare for the worst. Having a pet, animal companion or however you term can be a bittersweet experience. If you are lucky you experience a spectrum from ‘child’ to ageing friend. So rewarding, but so difficult to be the observer of a full life span in what is a relatively short time.

    I hope that the prognosis is good for Trevor and if not, that he is comfortable in your remaining time together.

    Still thinking of and hoping for you both.

    MinG x

    Yes, I am in the UK. Quite close to Liverpool.

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    1. Hi there! Trevor is doing much better, the steroids helped preserve his vision and he is seeing ok. Eyes checked out ok. The vets think he had some swelling in the brain. The question is … what caused it? Taking it as it comes. Thanks so much for checking.

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