For Trevor

Tonight, I looked at you and regarded your failing body, once so strong. My heart –brittle from life’s inevitable losses, disappointments and failures – fractured into a million tiny pieces on my living room floor. Crushed into dust. I gathered these sacred remains and held them close, for they belong to you.


My First Album

Christmas 1972. Of course I could tell by the 12″x12″ packaging that the item was an album. I had just unwrapped my new record player now on to the goodies. I clawed away enough paper on the first swipe to unveil half the image … bright orange. It was America Homecoming. “Oh my God! it looked great.” But who was this band?

Luckily, my mom had amazing taste in music. The sounds of Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Tom Rush and Kris Kristofferson permeated our home. I cut my musical teeth on acoustic guitars and 70’s singer / songwriters. And so began the soundtrack to my young life. I loved that album and sang along to every bar of music. I purchased it twice more over the years as we moved from LP to cassette to CD.

In 1993 I had the opportunity to sing “Horse With No Name” on stage live with America’s Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell. I’m glad I knew the words.


Who Am I? And Why Am I Here?


Hello World. This is Victoria from Cleveland, OH kicking off my blog, Ephemerality.

I’m like a lot of people I know. I like my work but feel underappreciated. I care about our planet and the animals. I have a love / hate relationship with politics. I love my parents, my siblings and their kids, and try to do right by them. I like to think I have an innate sense of right and wrong and consider myself a good person.

I love music – I used to write and perform it. It took a long time before I could refer to myself as a “songwriter” or a “musician.” Those monikers resonated and I so badly wanted to stay with them. But eventually that shifted and I felt myself drifting away from that world. I was tired and felt defeated. Yet I had sense of self when I wrote. I felt connected.

And that is why I am here. To connect with you, dear reader. To reconnect with myself.


hello and an introduction

Hi there. When it comes to the world of blogging, I am new, new, new. But I have a need to pry open a creative outlet and thought I would give this a try. To be honest, I am hoping this will jump start some aspect of writing – practice makes perfect and all that.

And what could possibly be more fun than writing about my interests (and hopefully yours, too): Music, nostalgia, photography and gardening. We can share stories through these dark months of Winter. So let us begin and see where our journey takes us.